Kim Jinmuk
Daehan Electronics
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1Dream Of Heaven 3:05
2Wings of Longing 4:06
3Misty Mountain : Sarod Sanjo 5:21
4Shivoham 9:42
5Facing To Spica 4:37
6Pine Tree And Roses 6:20

Better known for his work as a critic, Kim Jinmuk has introduced some of the deepest Contemporary and World music in Korea through his own label and series of Meditative works offering crossovers of Ethnic sonorities. His personal body of work also covers a wide spectrum as he kept searching for creative ways to express himself, that’s when in early 90s he first started to show interest in Indian traditional music bringing him to cross over frontiers with the Gayageum & Ajeng legend Baik In-Young and the Gayageum player Lee Min Young to meet talented Indian Traditional instruments musicians from Prune and organise collaborative sessions giving a yet unheard deep fusion of sounds.

Directing the sessions and taking care of the compositions Kim Jinmuk found a cross-cultural sweet spot given birth to no-less than 3 full length albums. In most realisation there is a profound sense of both meditative atmospheres and rhythmical elements with a rarely found balance in between these. When most Ethnic and traditional oriented pieces have a tendency to stick into their own standards “Indo-Coreana” is rather highlighting the artistry of this cross-cultural fusion.