Imaginary Softwoods
Annual Flowers In Color
Amethyst Sunset
LP (color)
AS-026/MD-007X / Includes Download Code
Red vinyl version, Download includes 4 bonus tracks
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1Cloud Damage
2Positive Ruin Court Garden
3Aura Show
4Destination Stone
5The Geranium Room
6Another First:Sea Machine
7Coconut Serenade
8The Imminent Collapse Department

"Annual Flowers In Color" is a collection of demos and unreleased works from 2011 to 2015. While activity in the Softwoods has been ongoing in the past few years, no real definitive album has surfaced since 2011's "The Path Of Spectrolite". "Annual Flowers In Color" serves as a compilation of sorts; a scrapbook documenting some of the fruitful experiments happening in private over the years. Various styles including tape collage, spoken word, concrete structure and classic Softwoods ambience put this collection as close to a definitive album as could be despite the varying eccentric trajectories.

Originally released as 2xCassette in 2016.