Angelo Harmsworth
The Voyeur's Gambit
Edition of 70 copies, labelled triple cassettes, incl. printed J-Cards
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1Under Violet Ceiling 22:50
2Elegance & Reform 20:10
3Flashed Statuette 17:13
4Shadows of Intimacy 14:31
5Plaster Dress at Dawn 14:42
6The Voyeurs Gambit (Theodore Cale Schafer's Nostalgia Edit)14:58

2017 was a prolific year for Angelo Harmsworth, he released three solo and two split releases, one with Michigan based Dominic Coppola and one with Theodore Cale Schafer. Yet from all these substantial works one stood out in particular; ‘The Voyeurs Gambitʼ was a collection of 5 long form pieces, totalling a staggering 1 and a half hours of music, all presented in form of a usb stick that was available through Angeloʼs own Lime Lodge Imprint, which included images that accompanied the work by the artist and composer Christian Michael Filardo, who co-conceived the release.

However, It was not simply the length and density of the material presented on ‘The Voyeurs Gambitʼ that made the work stand out, it was the compositions themselves; richly layered, immaculately detailed, long form sonic tapestries, all of which revealed a tonal shift that would go on to define Angeloʼs distinctive sound in the coming years, invigoratingly displayed on works such as ‘Overture Untitledʼ, on Summer Isle and ‘For Argandʼ on Vaknar, as well as other released that followed.

Since then Angelo has moved from Santa Fe to Berlin, where he currently resides, and while his releases in recent years on Opal Tapes and Total Black have seen him further expand on his musical framework, returning to ‘The Voyeurs Gambitʼ feels like tracing back Angeloʼs distinctive and influential sound to its formative source.

Now, 4 years later after its initial release, the entire album has been fully remastered by Angelo himself, presented on a special triple cassette edition which includes the 5 original works, as well as an additional edit by Angeloʼs longtime collaborator and friend, Theodore Cale Schafer.

We hope that this expanded and definitive reissue of ‘The Voyeurs Gambitʼ, will help further shed light into this unique and talented artists exceptional musical trajectory, of whom we are sure to hear more remarkable things in the near future.

Note: Both Artist and Label have decided to present the work in cassette only format, the release will not be available digitally.