King Krule
Man Alive
XL Recordings
Ltd. white LP with bonus red flexi disc, gatefold sleeve + insert
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1Cellular 2:59
2SupermarchÇ 2:37
3Stoned Again 3:26
4Comet Face 3:14
5The Dream 1:39
6Perfecto Miserable 3:16
7Alone, Omen 3 2:47
8Slinky 2:51
9Airport Antenatal Airplane 2:15
10(Don't Let The Dragon) Draag On 2:32
11Theme for the Cross 4:07
12Underclass 3:30
13Energy Fleets 2:35
14Please Complete Thee 4:06

"Man Alive! is a step further into the depths of Archy Marshall’s recesses, following on from 2017’s acclaimed The Ooz. Like its predecessor, it is less a sweeping state of the nation commentary, but rather a compendium of snippets of overheard conversations as we the listener drift through a metropolitan haze. It is a clip gallery of lives, connected by time and spirit, a collage of urban unease, dissatisfaction and distrust.

Strung out, low-hanging basslines tussle with textures rather than melodies of guitar. Indiscernible, chopped up snatches of unfamiliar, seemingly unwelcome voices drift in and out of the mix. Denseness is king on Man Alive!, and whilst it may not amount to a cohesive narrative, Marshall does not appear to strive for closure from his music, but expression." (