Moons Melt Milk Light
Tonal Union
PCV outer sleeve, insert
LP (clear)
Edition of 500 copies, PCV outer sleeve, insert
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1Untitled Skies 1:30
2Moons Melt Milk Light 1:30
3Maine Piano 0:18
4Night Painting I 1:02
5A Million Birds II 1:58
6As it is When it Appears 2:43
7Champeix 1:30
8Night Painting II 1:55
9Hand Poetry 1:30
10Endings (Solo)2:40
11Sightless Eyes (N16)1:30

Anenon's tenor saxophone breathes an emotive contemplation on loss, meshed with sustained piano and field recordings. »Moons Melt Milk Light« is a hyper-personal statement contained in a visceral beauty.

LA native Anenon returns with a highly anticipated new album »Moons Melt Milk Light« on Tonal Union, bearing his most personal, expressive, and arresting works to date. Anenon is the ongoing solo studio and live project of Brian Allen Simon, whom since 2010 has released multiple albums and EPs to critical acclaim, including the highly revered »Tongue« (2018) and »Petrol« (2016).

»Moons Melt Milk Light« is direct, efficient, and unwavering in its immediacy. Anenon departs from the electronics of previous works, and embarks on a reductive, almost entirely acoustic approach consisting of piano, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, and field recordings. All of the music was improvised with everything recorded as either a first or second take with no edits. Any layering happened fast and in the moment, and yet the sonic architecture of the whole feels both planned and refined.

»I feel a kinetic and messy honesty that doesn't exist in any of the other music I've ever made. There is also a sense of being settled, of calm. There is no faking it here.«