Christian Naujoks
Soft Mouth Data Service
Music Fellowship
LP (clear)
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2Aberrant Joan
3No Rave
4Cosmic Stringz
5Soft Cover
6Service Industry
7Woman Ascending The Stairs
8Ambient Rave
10Self-Castration In Ur Sleep

Christian Naujoks' work has been heard and seen in a wide range of contexts, from nightclubs to concert halls, art venues and the theatre. He released three solo albums on Berlin-based label Dial Records. After his critically-acclaimed album »Wave« (2016), which has been praised as a contemporary masterpiece of ambient romance and "the most exquisitely melancholy thing he's done yet" (Pitchfork), followed by numerous collaborative projects with performance artist Ei Arakawa, filmmaker Loretta Fahrenholz and composer Ari Benjamin Meyers, among others, Christian Naujoks is back with a new record produced during his exhibition »Soft Mouth Data Service« at Galerie Max Mayer in Düsseldorf.