Rhythms, Resolutions & Clusters
Thrill Jockey
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1Alcohall (Remixed By John McEntire)4:04
2Your New Rod (Remixed By Rick Brown)4:18
3Cobwebbed (Remixed By Casey Rice)4:39
4The Match Incident (Remixed By Steve Albini)5:31
5Tin Cans (The Puerto Rican Mix - Remixed By Brad Wood)4:25
6Not Quite East Of The Ryan (Remixed By Bundy K. Brown)5:09
7Initial Gesture Protraction (Remixed By Jim O’Rourke)4:47
8Cornpone Brunch (Remixed By Mike Watt)4:18

»Rhythms, Resolutions & Clusters« has not been available on LP since it was released in 1995. The record ushered in a late 90’s remix craze, and launched a 12” series of remixes by a wide range of artists. Remixes include mixes by Steve Albini, Jim O’Rourke, Mike Watt (Minutemen), Brad Wood (Liz Phair), and Rick Brown (75 Dollar Bill).

Tortoise has spent nearly 30 years making music that defies description. While the Chicago-based instrumental quintet has nodded to dub, rock, jazz, electronica and minimalism throughout its revered and influential discography, the resulting sounds have always been distinctly, even stubbornly, their own.