Wave Temples
Panama Shift
Not Not Fun
NNF 395 LP
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1Oceana 4D
2Key of Youth
3Old Bones
4Emerald Nights
5Banana Boat and the Kalo Sanctum
6Key of Life (feat. Justice A. Gonzalez)
7Splendid Macaw and the Rotan Initiate
8By Firelight in the Dead of Night
9Mother Moon and the Mangrove Midnight
10Enigma of Sator
11Zarzus and the Lotus Eaters (Smugglers Bay)
12Towers Above the Mist
13The Fountain of Living Water
14In the Land of Vision (SilkWinds)
15The Sower Sows the Wheel with Effort
16Mysteries from the Wild Ones
17Temple of the Shark Hunter
18Polyhedron of Minos
19The Dance of Pythia
20Unto the Harvest the Feast that's Sown

Over a decade since its inception, Wave Temples continues to refine and refract the project’s visionary mythopoetic exotica. Panama Shift presents a 20-track kaleidoscopic star map inspired by “the euphoric cults, both then and now, that come and go in the vast ritual of night.” Bleached keys, devotional synth, and driftwood percussion align in minimalist vignettes shaded by tape hiss and field recordings of streams, waves, wind, and birds.

Dedicated to the late Japanese-born American anthropologist Yosihiko H. Sinoto (whose portrait graces the cover), famed for his excavations throughout the Pacific and French Polynesia, the album embodies a similarly voyaging spirit: “chasing ancient mysteries… and rekindling with the esoteric journey of the human spirit.” This is music of forgotten shores, sea air, and saltwater shrines, echoing in shells scattered across the altars of Atlantis.

Recorded and arranged Feb 2020 - March 2021 at the Tree House.
Field recordings from 2016-2020 in Key Biscayne, Key Largo, and Hawaiki.