The Black Dog
Other, Like Me
Dust Science Limited
2LP (grey)
Pre-Order: Available on / around Jun 7th 2024
Pre-Order: Available on / around Jun 7th 2024
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1She Never Wrote Back
2With You I Still Feel Alone
3Dressed Up Auslander
4[Bolt] Golden Hour At Sisters
6Just Pretend To Be Someone Else
7I'm Poster Syndrome
8Bubble Life
10Closed Eyes
11Other, Like Me
12Methodology #17
13Boy On A Swing
14I Have A Keen Interest
15In A Place Like This
16Mark Up
17I Am An Artist

Experience the sonic journey that is The Black Dog's latest album, »Other, Like Me«, as they delve into the intricacies of the artist's psyche, questioning the very essence of individuality and creative worth. The album invites listeners to confront darker thoughts about self-identity, imposter syndrome, and the relentless pursuit of creative value, all while celebrating the joy found in the act of artistic creation. In this introspective exploration, The Black Dog challenge both themselves and their audience, creating a musical experience that is profoundly personal and open to interpretation.

The themes woven throughout the album are a poignant counterpoint between the shadows of self-doubt and the exuberance of creative expression. It's an inward exploration, offering a place of solace for listeners to find comfort amid the chaos of external influences. The album's title, »Other, Like Me«, draws inspiration from an interview with Cosey Fanni Tutti in 1999, resonating deeply with The Black Dog's outsider perspective. The phrase encapsulates the essence of the album, reflecting the band's unique identity and shared experiences, while respecting each member's individual passions and interests. Navigating the waters of cognitive dissonance, The Black Dog bring an authenticity to their music that mirrors the internal and external conflicts of the contemporary music scene. With a commitment to stripping back layers and allowing the heart of each song to shine through, »Other, Like Me« offers a raw and unfiltered musical experience that speaks directly to the soul. It's an invitation to introspection, a celebration of independence, and a testament to the power of authentic artistic expression.