Wechsel Garland
Karaoke Kalk
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kalk cd-34
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1Walker 4:08
2Waves 1:43
3White Circle 2:16
4Swim 2:20
5Get Over It 5:31
6Abc To Be 2:16
7Don´t Look Now 3:29
8Corona Loco (Look At Me) 5:36
9Be, Baby (The Sea) 5:51
10Mutes 3:37
11Stones 4:02
12Easy 3:09

After I had it all, All I needed was you - Jörg Follert’s singing in a duet together with Yvonne Cornelius aka Niobe and with those two lines he describes the general mood of his new Wechsel Garland product. But in fact he’s crossing borders, creating an interplay between songs and instrumentals which in turn have taken in their parts from Minimal Music and Cooljazz but let their elements communicate in a non-dogmatic manner.