Bill Callahan
Gold Record
Drag City
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1CALLAHAN, Bill – Pigeons
2CALLAHAN, Bill – Another Song
3CALLAHAN, Bill – 35
4CALLAHAN, Bill – Protest Song
5CALLAHAN, Bill – The Mackenzies
6CALLAHAN, Bill – Let's Move To The Country
7CALLAHAN, Bill – Breakfast
8CALLAHAN, Bill – Cowboy
9CALLAHAN, Bill – Ry Cooder
10CALLAHAN, Bill – As I Wander

Bill Callahan's given us his first Gold Record. All songs have a stand-alone feel, like singles, meant for you to have a deep encounter with all of a sudden, from the start of the song to the finish. Six out of the ten were done first take; overdubs, when needed, came equally quickly. Listening, one hears their intuitive cohesion coming together richly behind Bill's titanic voice spread across the stereo spectrum: the gentle conversation of ther guitars, the subtle percussion of the bass and drums, and odd appearances of trumpet, woodwind and synth, striking notes both decorous and discordant, sounding for all the world like the naturally occurring sound meant to accompany and express lives lived everywhere.