Marc Richter
Schleim des Nichtwissens
Cellule 75
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Edition of 100 copies, 13x17 cm, 88 pages, fold-out 4-page cardboard cover
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1Black To Comm – Ere The Slimy Snail Devours Me 12:46

Marc Richter is a visual artist and musician from Hamburg. He is releasing music under the Black To Comm (and Mouchoir Étanche and Jemh Circs) moniker on Thrill Jockey and runs his own label and publishing hut named Cellule 75 (in dedication to Luc Ferrari). In the past he has collaborated with artists Ho Tzu Nyen, Jan van Hasselt, Seb Patane and the late Mike Kelley (for an art edition vinyl on the En/Of label). He has worked with musicians such as Felix Kubin, Richard Youngs, Maja Ratkje, Andrew Pekler, Eric Chenaux, Luke Fowler, Christoph de Babalon and many others.

"Schleim des Nichtwissens" is the first artist's book under Richter's own name (there were two previous books published under the Jemh Circs and Black To Comm aliases). The new book was produced at the same time as his 2023 Black To Comm album "At Zeenath Parallel Heavens" and touches on some of the same themes, the notion of hybridity and the existence of chimeric beings - here, human snails and snail-like humans, human mushrooms and mushrooms with human skin, hermaphrodites and men without genitals, human and non-human creatures are portrayed in inscrutable actions and circumstances.

Richter's current inspiration is the writings of english novelist Angela Carter. In his colourful, playful, often absurd creations he is overloading the AI to make it hallucinate, thereby transforming it into a psychedelic dreammachine ...

Open thread binding with fold-out 4-page cardboard cover. Thick tip-on cardboard backcover. Green thread. Size: 13x17 cm, 88 full-colour pages + 4 cover pages.