Tess Said So
Piaf's Boyfriend
Preserved Sound
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1ER 4:01
2Ask 2:12
3Here, Whisper 4:52
4Piaf's Boyfriend 4:15
5One Eye Open 3:43
6Space Between 5:37
7Apparition 3:37
8My Sisters and I 4:24
9West of the Sun 2:13
10Eyeliner and Mist 2:31
11Black Light 3:52
12The Door Inside 3:14

Tess Said So is the creative partnership of pianist Rasa Daukus and percussionist Will Larsen. With the combination of piano and percussion at the centre of their work and a good dose of electronics thrown into the mix, Rasa and Will adopt a pop sensibility to a classical format, infusing their sound with pop, jazz, ambience, minimalism, and electronica. Their latest album, Piaf’s Boyfriend, is an ode to people they met while on tour.

“We spent a lot of 2017 touring our live soundtrack, Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, during which time we thought about writing an album to capture the different people we met, who helped us or who left an impression on us along the way,” says Rasa.

“Each track title reflects the person the track was written for,” says Will. “The album title is about someone we met at a festival in Malaysia, who told us that as a boy he imagined himself as Piaf’s boyfriend.”