Takayuki Shiraishi
Missing Link
Studio Mule
Studio Mule 22
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1SHIRAISHI, Takayuki – Dark Sea
2SHIRAISHI, Takayuki – Eardrum
3SHIRAISHI, Takayuki – Down The Stairs
4SHIRAISHI, Takayuki – Crystal Valley
5SHIRAISHI, Takayuki – Night Birds
6SHIRAISHI, Takayuki – Blue Hour
7SHIRAISHI, Takayuki – Dynamo No 2
8SHIRAISHI, Takayuki – En & Ten
9SHIRAISHI, Takayuki – Dance In The Fog
10SHIRAISHI, Takayuki – Frozen Falls
11SHIRAISHI, Takayuki – 360 Degrees
12SHIRAISHI, Takayuki – Phenomena
13SHIRAISHI, Takayuki – Gray Shadows

A collection of unreleased material by Japanese producer Takayuki Shiraishi, ca. late 80s. Takayuki Shiraishi was part of “BGM” who released only one album: “BACK GROUND MUSIC” has become one of the most demanded japanese new wave record. It is a unique mixture of dark wave, post punk, kraut rock and experimental electronic music..