Wechsel Garland
Wechsel Garland
Morr Music
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morr 016 cd
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1Falter 7:42
2Komm' 3:46
3Der Vorwand 4:51
4Große Erwartungen 4:08
5Wie Insekten 2:45
6Staub Im Licht 4:33
7Wirklicher 3:25
8Wie Also? 2:46
9Ohne Stern 2:23
10Viertel Des Wegs 2:10

Jörg Follert was Wunder, now he is Wechsel Garland. Great expectations? ("Große Erwartungen") One can easily trace the atmospheric relationship between the two projects: the synthesis of lightness and deep melancholy. A combination that is nearly impossible. How then? ("Wie Also?") Like an aeroplane a butterfly ("Falter") glides through the valley of deep sounds in the beginning, only to take a rest between melodic-percussive patterns made of minor scales later on. In a more accelerated and abstract way Steve Reich achieved that before, but here the music is much slower and far more intimate. It says: Come! ("Komm") There! - softly pointing at YOU with its forefinger, deep inside your body there’s a resonance. That’s the place where the floating and ringing sounds of the marimba, the Fender Rhodes piano or the xylophone can vibrate. Their echos will remain. Like insects ("Wie Insekten") bass sounds buzz, like dust in the light ("Staub im Licht") flutes, Hammond B3 and melotrone cover a soundscape that can be overlooked from any perspective. A peculiar idyll. With no star ("Ohne Stern") in the sky, nameless, removing, but even more real ("Wirklicher"): At least Wechsel Garland’s music isn’t based on samples anymore as with Wunder. There’s no driving beats, but it’s all rhythmic. Can you dance to it? Originally the music was composed due to an order from choreographer Gabrielle Staiger and had its première under the title `This Very Moment´ with the Arazzo dance ballet at the Brotfabrik, Bonn, in February 2000. By later extending the tracks, adding important details and inventing ingenious songtitles the debut of Wechsel Garland was finally born. It’s music you’ll find between the shelves in record stores; music that yet has to create its listeners - and that is only a small step along the way ("Viertel des Weges")... O.K., lo spazio inverso, Cologne, 2000