Stock Fantasy Zone
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1Segurazo Elegy 4:19
2Chunk Food 5:00
3Flubber TV Show 3:37
4加油 MIDI 1 (Jiayou Midi)1:56
5Summer of 9091 3:33
6Cheese Hat 2:58
7Polpo Paul 5:11
8加油 MIDI 2 (Jiayou Midi)3:20
9Lofty Garden 4:48
10Dream Weavers pt. 2 4:38

Originally conceived as a mock live bootleg for Turn Us Alias 2020 (Macao’s Saturnalia festival online edition), Stock Fantasy Zone is the new album by Babau dedicated to the unearthly delights of unconscious reticular motion, wacky 2D shredding and daily side quests. Directly from inside the Stack, finally imagine a zone where all activities are possible but purposeless, all primary objectives are achieved without even moving and the game-logic has finally disappeared leaving back a virtual fauna of forsaken babbling Npc’s and uncharted, yet to be tested stockpiles of maps and levels.

Lofty low poly structures, tentacular mickey-mousing gesticulations, already obsolete sonic ontologies and the unsung age of Dreamcast fantasy frenzy. All and all, just another day spent testing the margins and edges of the simulation without leaving your Sofa. Don’t wait! Enter the Stock Fantasy Zone!

Stock Fantasy Zone has been mentioned by Simon Reynolds among his 2020 albums of the year and two tracks have been selected by Kode9 for a mixtape released by Club To Club Festival.

BABAU is the duo composed of Luigi Monteanni and Matteo Pennesi, both also founders of Artetetra records, tape label concerned with the latest developments in the concepts of digital folklore and transglobal exoticism during late globalization. BABAU is best defined by a pastiche combining the fascination for World Music 2.0, Fourth World galore and Mondo Voyeurism with the latest abstractions in computer music’s compositional techniques, which they call ‘Quinto Mondo’ music. Through the years they have played in festivals such as Club To Club, Fusion, Saturnalia, Outernational Days, Mondo Muzak and Camp Cosmic and have collaborated with Kiosk radio, NTS, The Wire, Sun Araw, Simon Reynolds, Senyawa and many others.