Vertigo II
Denovali Records
den287C-lp / Includes Download Code
180 gr vinyl
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1Rising Minimal 4:41
2Night Rain 4:05
3K 1 2:22
4K 2 3:44
5Jarszewko 1:20
6The Last Song 4:18
7Ytinav 3:42
8Vertigo II 2:28
9The Frame (1-94-1) 3:46
10Dictaphone Ii 3:28
11Le Chasseur (Danke) 2:52
12Pol / Bruxelles 5:13

A very limited vinyl reissue of Vertigo II - the second album of Dictaphone from 2006 - with a wonderful new timeless artwork.

Already formed in the late nineties in Berlin, Dictaphone was born by Brussels-bred multi-instrumentalist Oliver Doerell. In 2000 Oliver Doerell found a partner in Berlin's Roger Döring, who shares Doerell's love for the Brussels-based music of the eighties. In the following years the duo and several guest musicians (e.g. Stephan Wöhrmann (SWOD) , Malka Spigel (Minimal Compact) & more) released the critically highly acclaimed "m.= addiction" (2002), the "Nacht" EP (2004) and "Vertigo II" (2006) via the City Centres Offices label of Thaddeus Herrmann and Shlom Sviri (Boomkat, Modern Love). In 2009 the violin player Alex Stolze joined the band. During their two decades of existence Dictaphone played shows in more than 20 countries with festival appearances at Mutek, Transmediale, Unsound, Benicassim & more. Their latest release "Poems from a rooftop" from 2012 came as a very limited edition through the Berlin-based boutique label Sonic Pieces. In 2017 the band released the long awaited third album "APR 70" on denovali. The label now also offers a reissue of the trio's past repertoire.

Dictaphone never make music for the sake of it, they always want to create something which was missing before. And they did.