Suzanne Ciani & Jonathan Fitoussi
Golden Apples Of The Sun
Transversales Disques
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1Golden Apples of the Sun 4:33
2Coral Reef 4:46
3Time Lapse 6:50
4Pinwheel 3:57
5Oceanium 7:59
6Rainbow Sequence 4:13
7Sonar 3:19
8Spirit Rock 2:51

»Golden Apples of the Sun« is the result of a close cooperation between Suzanne Ciani and Jonathan Fitoussi. The American electronic music pioneer has joined the French composer to sign a four-hand album around mythical synthesizers like Buchla, Moog and Ems. Mainly recorded in California, facing the Pacific Ocean, the white sound of synthesizers mixes constantly with the sound of the waves and wind.The music generated is directly blended with the surrounding elements of nature. It is both organic and live, hypnotic and rhythmical, powerful and dreamlike.

Suzanne is a five-time Grammy award-nominated composer, electronic music pioneer, and neo-classical recording artist who has released over 20 solo albums. Her work has been featured in films, games, and countless commercials as well. She was inducted into the first class of Keyboard Magazine's Hall of Fame alongside other synthluminaries. Most recently, she is the recipient of the Independent Icon Award from A2IM. Suzanne has provided the voice and sounds for Bally's groundbreaking »Xenon« pinball machine, created Coca-Cola’s pop- and-pour sound, designed logos for Fortune 500 companies, and carved out a niche as one of the most creatively successful female composers in the world.