Finds You Well
Ghostly International
LP (clear purple)
2023 repress
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1KHOTIN – Processing
2KHOTIN – Ivory Tower
3KHOTIN – Heavyball
4KHOTIN – Groove 32
5KHOTIN – Outside In The Light
6KHOTIN – Lucky Egg
7KHOTIN – Wem Lagoon Jump
8KHOTIN – Your Favourite Building
9KHOTIN – Shopping List
10KHOTIN – My Toan

Since debuting his Khotin project in 2014, Edmonton’s Dylan Khotin-Foote has fine-tuned an impressionistic, dream-like style of music that straddles multiple sonic worlds. His output often sways from gentle synthesized atmospherics to hypnotic, dance-minded frameworks.

Finds You Well can be heard in near-symmetrical halves: its 10 tracks represent the selections from a bounty of demos that, with less modesty, could have filled two records, one active and the other ambient. The resulting set isn’t an even split but it’s close. The A-side centers on the album’s steadiest sequence of beat-centric material. Khotin’s tone stabilizes on the B-side, balancing decidedly bucolic terrain with suspiciously eerie melancholy.