Wojciech Rusin
AD 93
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1Speculum Veritatis
2Wash Out
3Words Into Shapes
4Swedenborg In The Forest
5After A Feast
6The World In A Tiny Bottle
7Origins Of Pleasure
8Destroyer Of Worlds
10Glass Coil

AD 93 presents the new album from Polish composer Wojciech Rusin. Syphon is the second instalment of an ‘alchemical’ trilogy which started with The Funnel on Akashic records. The record consists of speculative medieval and renaissance music, imagined composed in the future, where it is reconstructed from the ashes of the past, via incomplete fragments.

"In a future where the old semantic systems don't apply anymore, what we are left with is some kind of delirium."

The album features 3D printed instruments, multilayered bagpipe chanters, double recorders and other hybrids. With additional voices of soprano Eden Girma and Emmy Broughton.

Artwork by Wojciech Rusin and Nicola Tirabasso. Mastered by Rupert Clervaux.