Ela Orleans
Movies For Ears
Night School
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1The Season 3:46
2Walkingman 3:52
3Light At Dawn 3:50
4In Spring 3:34
5Something Higher 3:59
6In The Night 3:19
7I Know 2:54
8Black And White Flight 2:48
9Myriads 3:27
10Neverend 5:07
11Planet Mars 4:59
12Apparatus 2:13
13Elegy 4:55

Movies For Ears is a retrospective collection of works by Polish-born, Glasgow-based artist Ela Orleans which navigates almost two decades of songwriting in the heart of the global pop underground. This remastered collection casts an ear over what Orleans might call the ‘pop sensibility’ within her back catalogue. Released previously on a number of small DIY labels, Orleans’ music coincided with the explosion of auto-didactic musicians finding their voice in the age of the blogosphere, artists emboldened by the democratisation of music-making afforded by the internet. From the outset, Orleans’ childhood studying formal music mixed with cut-up techniques, sampling, sound-art and experimentation to create a distinctive signature cloaked in an innate melancholy and playfulness. Fully remastered by James Plotkin, featuring extensive sleeve-notes and rare photos from Orleans’ archive, Movies For Ears presents an appraisal of the musician’s work, painting a portrait of an artist with an uncanny ability to evoke emotions and ghosts of memories in the listener.