Javier Segura
El ser y el tiempo
Passat Continu
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11, 2, 3 Secuencias
2Andrea Ex 1
3Andrea Ex 2
4Andrea Ex 3
5El Mencey Loco
6El Ser Y El Tiempo
7Medication: El Sueno Ante El Espejo
8Para Piano

Almost five years after the kickstart compilation »El sol desde oriente«, Passat Continu moves forward with more Segura's unreleased stuff. Inspired by Martin Heidegger's »Sein und Zeit«. »El ser y el tiempo« are the first solo recordings of the Tenerife-born composer, originally a seven track record that together make up a little anomaly in the Spanish experimental music scene. This sound document recorded between 1976 and 1978 is presented fully remastered from its original tapes and comes with a bonus track, with the collab of Juan Belda.