Orlando / Tomaga
Playtime: Music For Videogames
Abstrakce Records
Includes Instant Download
Ltd. to 300 copies, letterpress cover artwork
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1Orlando – Theme For A Telephatic Amphibian 2:59
2Orlando – Fortress Of Pillows 3:28
3Orlando – Submarine Dance 0:52
4Orlando – Ghost Maze 2:50
5Orlando – Race 2:57
6Orlando – The End Of The Endless Game 2:27
7Orlando – Turbulent Capsule 0:55
8Tomaga – Amphibious Data 2:03
9Tomaga – Giant Bitmap 5:13
10Tomaga – Tiny Circles 0:45
11Tomaga – Sittisk Polk 3:09
12Tomaga – Lethal Sugars 1:08
13Tomaga – Impossible Worlds Collide 2:18
14Tomaga – Unruly Gloam 3:56

Vinyl edition from this imaginary soundtrack for videogames previously released on tape.

“…the Association for the Re-Alignment of Magnetic Dust presents a split release between Orlando and Tomaga of music for video games. Inspired by fictional worlds, imagined quests, and surreal dreams, they soundtrack your adventures in gameland.”

“Cathy Lucas’s new project Orlando, who share this cassette/download release with Tomaga. RAM Tapes (or The Association for the Re-Alignment of Magnetic Dust to give them their full title) re-use old tapes for that essential crackle and pop experience, and the theme is suitably 80s: video game soundtracks, kerbside frogs, ghost mazes, etc. It’s too sophisticated – at least to these cloth ears – to be just more chiptune landfill but it’s extremely playful all the same. The Orlando side is closer to Cornelius in terms of its invention and charm; the Tomaga side is a little more spacious, dubby, dronish. As an album it’s a pretty irresistible combination.

Orlando’s opening track brings you the croaks of a telepathic amphibian, a bit of bossa nova and a steely science-fictional theme, all in 3 minutes and 25 seconds.

While Tomaga’s ‘Giant Bitmap’ made me wonder whether Pacman ever got the cold sweats while cruising those haunted midnight mazes…” Both Bars On