Stijn Hüwels
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Edition of 100 copies, risograph printed o-card
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1Décalage 1 (shell that does echo only) 3:58
2Décalage 2 (the risk of an early spring) 8:21
3Décalage 3 2:20
4Décalage 4 4:14
5Décalage 5 3:37
6Décalage 6 (outside peering in) 3:30
7Décalage 7 (a different method of egress) 8:08

Already in the early stages of the label, Stijn Hüwels joined Dauw after a string of self-released albums. It was very much at the beginning of his artistic career but his Dauw debut – centered around melancholic narratives - was exactly what we wanted to bring with the label. During the years, Hüwels gradually found his place into the field of ambient with numerous releases and collaborations (Chihei Hatakeyama, Michel Banabila, Ian Hawgood...). While his sound definitely changed over the years - coming from a direct or transparent sound to his current more abstract sound design - his work still evokes the same familiar sentiments. For a label, this is one of the most interesting movements you can see in the artistic practice of the people you’re working with and ‘Décalages’ perfectly illustrates this. To coincidence this release, we made a second edition of his Dauw-debut 'If you remember me then I don't care if everyone else forgets', released 9 years ago.