Tapper Zukie
Man Ah Warrior
Lantern Rec.
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1Man Ah Warrior
2Ire Lion
3I King Zukie
4Simpleton Badness
5Archie, The Red Nose Reindeer
8Solomon A Gundy
9Black Cindarella
10Cally Dolly
11Message To Pork Eaters
12Soul & Inspiration

Reissue for Tapper Zukie's first album, originally released in 1973, supervised by the original producer Clement Bushay. Zukie never expected these cuts to turn into an album, and was quite startled to discover this record in the London shops when he came to town in the spring of 1975. 50 years later, »Man Ah Warrior« is still a lively and unique collection. The bassline and trademark guitar sound from The Temptations’ »Papa Was a Rolling Stone« is instantly recognizable in the title track with the riddim featuring just drum, bass, and riffing guitar.»I King Zukie« is a big tune, an interplay between the soulful vocal of »I Dont Know Why I Love You« (originally done by Stevie Wonder) and Tapper Zukie’s toasting. All in all a series of remarkable tunes.