Quelque Chose Tombe
Danse Noire
Yellow vinyl
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1Quelque Chose Tombe I 4:23
2Quelque Chose Tombe II 4:53
3Sujet 5:05
4Désordre Baroque 4:58
5Nérol 3:50
6Sans Titre 4:02
7Sujet Perdu 0:43
8Geranium 5:46
9Sans Titre 7:07

French-Canadian newcomer Racine transmutes the worries of the world into sorely bittersweet electronic compositions for Aïsha Devi’s excellent Danse Noire label.

Seemingly coming out of nowhere with a fully realised sound that makes a virtue of biting point dissonance, Racine is placed in good company among Danse Noire’s roster of fleshy conduits for what Aïsha Devi terms her Spirit Liberation Front. Fluidly adept at speaking the language of hypercontemporary electronica, in ‘Quelque Chose Tombe’ Racine spells out a labyrinthine album intended to reflect a modern life of “grinning through worry, living in insecurity”, where “to be vulnerable is the new normal; afraid, a bare minimum”.

Much like Arca, Emptyset or even Aïsha Devi before them, Racine wrings as much emotion as possible from each curdled chord and warbling note in fractal patterns that connote the elusive nature of the future and the intense flux of emotions that never seem to go anywhere, but only compound into feedback loops of anxiety and impotent anguish as the bridges burn in front of us.