Grey Skies In A Dear Green Place
Dark Entries
DE 271
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2Acid Conversion 5
3Distant Past, Still In The Future
4Craig's Wee Sweet Shop
5Approach It Like A '90s DnB Banger
6The Mouth From The South

Fear-E is the moniker of Scott McKay, who made a name for himself as one of Glasgow’s most technically-gifted and diverse selectors over the past decade. ‘Grey Skies In A Dear Green Place’ contains six club-ready tracks to “smash sound systems and illuminate sweaty warehouses.” The title is a reference to a nickname that Glasgow has, coming from Cumbric, means 'green hollow' or (dear) 'green place'. Layering cut-up vocals with warm thumping beats, Scott creates a stripped-back yet deeply jackin’ vibe. Call these tracks what you will, “acid attacks”, “club destroyers”, “pickle ticklers?!” All songs have been mastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios.