Andi Toma
Damn Luei Lit
Infinite Greyscale
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IGR13V / Includes Download Code
Ltd. numbered Edition of 300 copies, white vinyl, single-sided, silkscreened b-side, incl. insert and photograph
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1Damn Luei Lit 12:46

Infinite Greyscale release Damn Luei Lit, a new 10" recording by Andi Toma, also known as one half of electronic music pioneers Mouse on Mars. Following on from the band’s percussive masterclass, Lichter (also on Infinite Greyscale) and their ambitious 2018 album Dimensional People (Thrill Jockey), Damn Luei Lit sees Toma going it alone in an exploration of off-kilter rhythms and extraterrestrial sounds. From an opening of bird song an inorganic structure is assembled; and with the stage constructed, the performance begins. What follows is a deep and engrossing exploration of an alien ethnography. Within a frame of hypnotic rhythms Toma traverses sounds and rituals to reveal field recordings from another planet.

Comes with a digital download, including an extended mix of Damn Luei Lit. Each edition features handmade artwork by Paul McDevitt and Cornelius Quabeck. Screenprint by Ulrich Schmidt-Novak. Mastered by Cem Oral at Jammin Masters, cut at D&M, Berlin.