Francesco Gennari
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1Preludio 2:47
2Ardere 3:17
3Corteccia 1:47
4Mimesi 4:08
5Pressa 3:11
6Rifugio 3:00
7337 4:08
8Emergi 3:13

Francesco Gennari is a classical pianist and commits himself to sound exploration through modular synth practice as further evolution of his musical journey. Gennari's origins are with black and white keys, noise-punk bands and DIY instrument building. This stunning debut, titled »Frammenti«, is the culmination of all of Gennari's interests.

Through simple ideas developed with classical techniques like counterpoint and harmonic expansions, Francesco uses the modular setup as a virtual companion, allowing him to do what he wants while remaining open to what the machine whispers to him.

Francesco’s music charms with minimal rhythmic patterns, sonic manipulation and lush ambient soundscapes comprised of short ideas full of variations. Highly recommended to fans of Caterina Barbieri, Jessica Ekomane, Alessandro Cortini.