Asmus Tietchens
Abraum Zwo
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»In English, Abraum Zwo means Rubble Two. Twelve years ago I made field recordings in the Hamburg harbour. The most exciting recording was actually sensational: rubble being transported from a distant building site in a very long steel pipe (diameter approximately 80 cm.) flushed with water. I’ve never heard such sounds before. I derived four pieces (Abraum 1–4) from that material which were released in 2010. The new series (Abraum 6-10) is composed from the same basic field recordings but with a totally different approach. Due to the fact that the area where I’d recorded the original sounds has changed radically in the last twelve years, I tried to recall this bygone locale, hence the pieces’ highly atmospheric sound, as opposed to the first four which were pure musique concrète«. - Asmus Tietchens, Hamburg, April 2021