Japanther / The Good Good
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Japanther is a band established by Matt Reilly and Ian Vanek, then students at Pratt Institute. They collaborated with a diverse pool of artists such as Gelitin, Penny Rimbaud, Dan Graham, Eileen Myles, Claudia Meza, Todd James and Spank Rock. Described as »art–rock installation paratroopers […] a studied form of New Wave anarchism« by Flash Art and »Super hard, incredibly fast and overall inspiring«by Thrasher, Japanther has always been a band apart, running the gamut from performance art to punk rock and back again. They has made its name with unique performance situations, appearing alongside synchronized swimmers, atop the Williamsburg Bridge, with giant puppets, marionettes and shadow puppets, in the back of a moving truck in Soho, and at shows with giant dinosaurs and BMXers flying off the walls. Installations include The Phone Booth Project at Clocktower Gallery in New York.

The Good Good was an art and music collaboration between it's main members Peter Woods, David Penn and Natalja Kent from 2000-2008. Works include performance, book and record releases, collaborations and installations with other artists—guest members also include Art Middleton, Amber Woods and Mindy Abovitz. They display a solid nod towards indie rock through a largely experimental filter, but for sake of clarity we will just call it awesome.