O Morto
Ifrits Habitent
Sucata Tapes
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1Marrakesh vertigo 1:32
2Out of the Atlas pt.2 3:20
3Fait atencion, pas de confiance 12:00
4Ali Baba 5:54
5Tetfout radio loop 2:11
6Pista de Olhinhos Frogs and people in Ain Tamda Park, Zaouiat Cheikh - 08.08.17 20-30 1:15
7On the road to Ouarzazate -09.08.17 21-08 1:51
8Festivities in Boumalne du Dadès -10.08.17 17-55 7:37
9Raining in the desert, Ziz Valley -11.08.17 16-36 5:02
10Raining in the desert plains, N13 road, middle way between Rissani and Merzouga 11.08.17 18-58 6:24
11Street shop with a radio in Merzouga -12.08.17 13-52 1:12
12Morning in the mountains by Chefchauen -15.08.17 10-05 1:00
13Stranded in the port of Ceuta - 16.08.17 23-56 1:52
14Out Nowhere — Ferry between Ceuta and Algeciras -16.08.17 05-17 2:57

Companion piece to O Morto's album »Dans la Gorge d'un Monstre«. The diaristic approach goes deeper where field recordings and fragments of memory take center stage , O Morto expands his LP masterpiece to a very direct and free-flowing tape. Also based on a number of field recordings taken during a life-changing trip to Morocco that felt like a fever dream, ‘Iffrits Habitent‘ is the perfect companion piece with a more impressionistic and unadulterated account of the same travel that could well be this side of the mirror. Then again, maybe he never made it from the other side. Who’s to know?