Edmund Finnis, Galya Bisengalieva
NOMAD Music Productions
Edition of 300 copies, clear vinyl, spot varnish cover
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1Brother I-IV 10:06

The 3rd vinyl on Galya Bisengalleva’s Nomad Music Productions is an intimate duet for violin and viola, written by Edmund Finnis and performed by the LCO’s Bisengalieva and Robert Ames.

Proceeding the dreamlike and experimental nature of Galya’s first two label entries alongside Claire M. Singer, Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch, Shiva Feshareki, and Chaines, the Kazakh violinist’s collaborative recording of ‘Brother’ is a relatively more straight-forward, but no less gripping, example of contemporary classical composition that naturally experiments with ideas about consonance/dissonance in a way that relates to folk music.

The composition was conceived first with the final moment in 2012, which was written in a single day during a residency in Massachusetts, 2012. Its other three movements were subsequently commissioned by LCO, recorded at St. Michael’s Highgate, London, and premiered by Galya Bisengalieva and Robert Ames at London’s Roundhouse in 2015. They have since gone on to perform the work numerous times, leading them to truly get under the skin of its music with an intensity of tone balanced by their lightness of touch.

In four sections, ‘Brother’ calls for the performers’ instruments to be closely intertwined to the extent their colours become fused and coalesced, essentially speaking as one in a dense weave of patterns, tracing lines that arc, overlap, dovetail and mirror one another. The composition’s elegant pacing and spacious dimensions have already lent themselves to film, used by Icelandic filmmaker Hlynur Palmas’s feature ‘A White, White Day’ which premiered at the London Film Festival 2019 at the BFI, and is set for general release in March 2020.