Yves Tumor
Safe In The House Of Love
Warp Records
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1Drama 1:34
2AbsenceWithoutLove 4:56
3MorningGlory 5:02
4NoID 3:30
5LickingAnOrchid 4:39
6Lifetime 3:43
7HopeInSuffering 4:57
8Recognizing 4:50
9AllTheLove 3:23
10Lioness 5:33

"Yves Tumor’s latest album is a benchmark in experimental music. It is searing and borderless, music that is aware of oppressive confinement, and music with an intoxicating urge to be free. (...) Holding all of this together is a stew of feelings—dread, sensuousness, ecstasy, terror—that melt into a mood so pungent and pervasive that people who grew up inside all kinds of different music will be beckoned towards it. Ambient electronic, dream-pop, experimental noise, ’90s R&B, even late-’90s alt-rock—Tumor’s music is fluid and generous enough to contain it all." (Pitchfork)