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1Radio Music Extended 72:00

The composition Radio Music Extended, performed by Opening Performance Orchestra, draws upon the concept John Cage brought to bear in his piece Radio Music from 1956. In collaboration with the Tesla Museum in Trest, whose collections include unique exhibits of radio electronic and audio-visual devices, the 72-minute piece Radio Music Extended came into being during a private live performance in July 2018. The seven members of Opening Performance Orchestra and two alternating guests operated 13 historical radio sets, dating from between 1935 and 1961. Over the past 60 years or so, the content of the broadcast band of the airwaves has significantly changed, yet the acoustic environment has remained highly variegated, providing a novel quality of sound.

Used radios at 8 workstations for the performers: Empo Radio, Major 413 (1940) Tesla Jalta 28063 'T61' (1961) Bezdra Special 47 (1947) Philips 450 A-14 (1938) Tesla 420U (1956) Iron Brno, Penta (1941) Blaupunkt Ideal Radio, S6640 (1940) Microphona MK304 (1935/36) Philips BA21 1U Grandezza (1954) Tesla 306U Talisman (1954) Tesla 406U Vlatva (1952) Resla Copélia 1107A (1961) Resla 409U (1954)