Shirley Ann Lee
Songs Of Light
Numero Group
Brown vinyl
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2All I Have To Depend On
3I Shall Not Be Moved
4Stop Look & Listen
5You Better Run
6There's A Light
7Everything Gonna Be Alright
8You've Been So Good To Me
9Blessed Quietness
11How Can I Lose
13Stay On Your Knees
15Get Back
16Walk Through The Valley
17Please Accept My Prayer
18I've Got To Make It

When Numero wrapped the track list of 2009's Local Customs: Downriver Revival, we knew there was a smaller second record buried in the mountains of tape rescued from Felton Williams' Ecorse, Michigan basement. As the Revival label's lone "star," Shirley Ann Lee was afforded dozens of opportunities to record, but only six sides managed to trickle out on 45 between 1967- 1969. Frustrated with a lack of even minor success, Shirley ceased recording altogether in the early 1970s. Using Revival's aborted "Shirley Ann Lee Radio Hour" program as our guide, we've taken the best of her proper studio recordings, in the moment sketches, out of tune piano demos, and rehearsals with young kids talking in the background and created the Shirley Ann Lee album that never was. Limited Edition Brown Vinyl.