Martin Dupont
The Complete Collection 1980-1988
Minimal Wave
5LP Box Set
2022 repress: 5 x 180g vinyl, individual LP sleeves, 12pp full-size booklet, inside linen bound hard box with foil pressed design & poster. ***PLEASE NOTE: The individual inner sleeves have slight seam splits.
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1Just Because... (LP1: Just Because)
2Sticks In My Brain
3Under Nylon
4Take A Look
5Soft Images
6Brittle Hero
7Dirty Hands
8Willy Nilly
9Lovely Monster
10Welcome To The Dissidents
11Pure Delight
13Bent At The Window
14You Are My Jail (LP2: Sleep Is A Luxury)
15It's So
16I Met The Best
17Hidden Inside
18Andrei Roublev
19Doron Doron
21Not Waiting
22Broken Memory
23The Light Goes Through My Mouth
24Love On My Side
25Just Because (LP3: Inedits 1981-1983)
26No Hands
28Never Never
29I Love The Lovers
30Other Souvenir
31Unchanged (version)
32Not Such A Joke
33Without Face
34Meine Liebe
35Shake Your Flowers
36Makes Me Blind
37It's No Use
38Moons & Mouths (LP4: Hot Paradox)
39Hot Paradox
40My Analyst "Assez"
42Berlin Wall
43He Saw The Light
44Inside Out
45I Never Tried
46Where To Find It
47Like A Lion
4822£ (LP5: Accident Of Stars)
49No Crying
50He Calls The Sky Hector
51Bit Of Smile
52Lonely In His Farm
53Your Passion
56Top Of The Pyramids
57Lost & Late
58War Game
59Accident Of Stars

Minimal Wave presents The Complete Collection 1980-1988, a five LP box set by the highly lauded French group Martin Dupont. The band formed in Marseille in 1980 and consisted of Alain Seghir, Brigitte Balian, Beverley Jane Crew, and Catherine Loy. They were immensely talented with a rare dynamic between them that was likely inspired by a combination of their magnetic personalities, creative vision and and the home studio where they recorded. The music they made was colorful, enthusiastic and delicate, but also melancholy and mysterious. A mixture of hot and cold, light and dark. They made electronic music that incorporated guitars and clarinets and are described by many as a New Wave band yet they truly transcended genres. They had some mainstream success finding themselves opening for bands like The Lotus Eaters, The Lounge Lizards and Siouxsie and the Banshees, without any intention of ever being a commercial enterprise. In Beverley Jane Crew’s words, “the songs just tumbled out in a completely organic and spontaneous way and as soon as they were recorded on the four track, they were shared with friends on tapes, openly and excitedly.”

They released three studio albums: Just Because, Sleep Is A Luxury and Hot Paradox, one cassette entitled Inédits 1981-1983 and one 7” single entitled Your Passion. In 2008, Minimal Wave released a compilation of selected tracks entitled Lost And Late. Now one decade later, MW releases its first box set for this phenomenal band.

The Complete Collection 1980-1988 consists of all of Martin Dupont’s recorded material to date in the form of five 180 gram vinyl LPs and spans 60 songs recorded between 1980 and 1988. Along with the five LPs, the box contains a 12 page LP-sized full color booklet featuring previously unpublished photographs of the band, their history, and select song lyrics. The box itself is bound in platinum grey linen, with black foil type and both booklet and box are designed by NYC based artist Peter Miles. All five LPs are pressed on black 180 gram vinyl and feature the original artwork of the French artist Yves Cheynet.