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1Los Quasicristales 5:40
2Hiptógono 3:40
3Armoniconono 4:04
4Montaña Blanca 5:12
5Aguataca 3:42
6Primos Recall 3:46
7Taga Nano 3:24
8To Elo 3:10

With this new project, their fourth full-length work, Tupperwear completely departs from the "stylish" electronics and trends to delve into a profound exploration of the fundamentals of music. It involves a quest or even a game through the extrapolation of geometry into various musical parameters, encompassing classical aspects like pitch, timbre, rhythm, intensity, etc., as well as noise, textures, or the implicit mathematics in natural or irrational elements.

Pentagonono delves into cosmology and nature. It is a musical approach without prejudices to basic numerology that unveils the universe, the harmonic scale, the number e, and logarithmic spirals. The golden ratio (phi) and the omnipresent number pi are also explored. Geometric shapes, proportions, and divisions of vibrating elements are transmitted through the air, internalised by humans, and transformed into music.

Following in the footsteps of previous sound explorers from various spatial and temporal origins such as Gamelan music with its infinite polyrhythmic replication, Psychedelia, Serialism, Musique Concrète, Bach, or J Dilla, this album presents itself as a materialisation of ideas and concerns that, while already present in the band's musical understanding, are now brought to the forefront as if it were a vital manifesto.

From the ashes of the legendary Tenerife underground scene manned by the Drone Collective emerges Tupperwear, an organic electronic duo founded in 1999 by Daniel García (Salétile) and Mladen Kurajica (GAF). Since then, they have been unleashing their sensory electronic exploration worldwide through their intense and unclassifiable live shows, as well as a series of albums and EPs as uncompromising as they are exciting.

In 2021, they release "Saturno Mágico" alongside the Brazilian-American trio São Paulo Underground (Rob Mazurek, Mauricio Takara, and Guilherme Granado), a result of another memorable artistic residency at the Cultural Space El Tanque. An unclassifiable EP where sounds freely flow, drawing from tropical jazz, Chicago post-rock, and traditional Canary Islands music, creating a completely intoxicating lysergic atmosphere that earns them the approval of prestigious music media such as The Wire Magazine.

To date, Tupperwear has released three albums, with the acclaimed "Mokele Mbembe" (Keroxen 2018) being their latest. In 2021, they contribute with two singles to the annual compilation Radar Keroxen Vol.2 dedicated to electronic music authors from the Canary Islands.