The Dead Texan
The Dead Texan
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1The Six Million Dollar Sandwich 3:03
2Glen's Goo 4:07
3A Chronicle of Early Failures - Part 1 5:44
4A Chronicle of Early Failures - Part 2 5:48
5Taco de Macque 2:37
6Aegina Airlines 2:49
7When I See Scissors I Can't Help but Think of You 3:00
8Girth Rides a (Horse) + 2:34
9La Ballade d'Alain Georges 6:24
10Beatrice Part 2 4:04
11The Struggle 5:29

Another sweeping album from STARS OF THE LID and AIX EM KLEMM member ADAM WILTZIE, this time under his new DEAD TEXAN moniker. Eleven mini-symphonies of nocturnal psychedelia and reverie-inducing soundcraft, propelled with piano, strings, and Wiltzie's surreal smear of guitars. Includes a DVD with music videos by Wiltzie and video artist CHRISTINA VANTZOS.