Hannes Buder
Outside Words
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1Bielatal 2:07
2Outside Words (For Jean Dubuffet) 3:50
3I Have Too Little Love But It's All Yours 4:21
4Georgia's Delight 3:18
5No Death And No Regrets 12:19
6Fragments Of The Past 4:13

Hannes Buder (born 1978 in the former GDR) is a musician, composer and improviser in the field of experimental music. His works concentrate on issues of movement, authenticity, intuition, minimalism, and slowness.

Buder's current projects include the bands 'Zug Zug' with Todd Capp and Andrew Lafkas, 'Gravity' with Hannes Lingens and Andrew Lafkas, the duo Nothingness with Sarah Jegelka, and his solo projects. Beyond that he has collaborated with Audrey Chen, Tony Buck, Audrey Lauro, Hilary Jeffery, Mike Majkowski, Steve Heather, Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble, the Berlin Improvisers Orchestra and many others. Hannes Buder's Solo recordings include "Changes" (2000), "Dunkelbunt" (2004), "Openyoureyescloseyoureyes" (2006), "Changes II" (2015) and "Oustide WOrds" (2021). He performed concerts in Europe, Australia and in the USA.

Buder has also composed, improvised and recorded music for different dance (Oxana Chi, Judith Sanchez Ruìz), theater (Jörg Mihan, Johannes Maria Schmit) and film projects (Barbara Lubich, Annick Gaudreault). He's been giving workshops at festivals, music schools and with prisoners in jail. He studied guitar in Weimar and Dresden.