Christophe Clébard
Il Trionfo Della Morte
Les Albums Claus
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1Le paradis c'est ton purgatoire 8:19
2Microdance à chier 3:19
3Ce soir, ce soir 3:25
4La solitude 3:49
5La misere 3:38
6Petit Bourgeois 5:00
7Retour au vide mdma 3:58
8T'as la tête d'un poisson rouge 3:50
9Tes yeux, la plage 4:19

Italian, French-speaking and blessed with a Belgian accent Christophe Clébard brings a coherence that prevails both for his person and for his music: a wobbly mound, which sometimes resembles a series of explosions, sometimes a pile of layers cut by a flood of words from which parts can be distinguished. Relying on the amplified intonation of a saturated microphone, a pounding rhythm box and a synthesizer, his performances absorb the hearing to spit it out in a universe where nothing has any meaning, except "we're going to die". A punchline that he chants far from the cliché darkness of the dark wave, since for him death is jubilant and colorful, with the grim reaper as the owner of the nightclub. A nightclub well anchored in his head, without a future, with the upcoming emptiness and the hazy memory of his Christian upbringing.

All tracks composed and recorded by Christophe Clébard at les ateliers claus. The album was recorded during a residency at Les Ateliers Claus during the month of April 2021, mixed by Piccolo Bruno and Christophe Clebard, mastered by Elvin Vanzeebroeck at Rare Sound Studio. Photos and Cover projects by Jonas Meier.