Control Freak Recordings
LP (clear)
Edition of 300 copies
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1Leave your body
4Two Prophets Lay Here
6The Sky And The Birds
7Celestial Body
8A more subtle outro
9Wake Up

Fittingly, Control Freak's first full length LP comes from the artist who launched our imprint near-on 4 years ago. Keplrr’s »Petra« is a remarkable entry into the canon of contemporary, non-functional techno.

After a string of acclaimed EPs and singles, the South London-based DJ/producer brings his unique ear for sound design to the forefront across his debut album, a continuous piece with many recurring musical themes and motifs. Drifting between dream states and the psychedelic, »Petra« sees Keplrr set aside the rigid constraints of club music and delve deep into the wells of the subconscious.

The album moves deftly through styles: meandering ambient/downtempo pieces, including a collaboration with classically trained Jazz singer Livi Graham, to the deep & techno-influenced »Two Prophets Lay Here«, reaching its crescendo in the IDM-inflected »Celestial Body«.

RIYL Call Super, Leif, Koreless, Perila, Lorraine James.