Various Artists
XX, Pingipung. A Record Label Turns 20.
Pingipung 075
Gatefold sleeve
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1Anadol – Oksuruk
2RVDS – Wustenspharen
3M RUX – Riche
4Umeko Ando – Hutare Chui (Tolouse Lowtrax remix) (Tolouse Lowtrax remix)
5Andi Otto & MD Pallavi – Down The Charukeshi Road
6Peter Presto – Ayashi Filtz
7Museum Of No Art – I Miei Cani Giocano Quando Piove
8Peter Power – The Pyreneeal Waltz
9The Notwist – Oh Sweet Fire (Pocket Band version) (Pocket Band version)
10Sven Kacirek – Firmin
11F.S. Blumm – Step Up Op
12Schlammpeitziger – Der Spargeltrager An Der Muschelbank
13Y Bulbul – Cuddles' Catnip Dream

2002-2022, that’s 20 years of Pingipung! The German record label celebrates its anniversary with exclusive tracks by a fine selection of artists from the label roster as well as new names. Instead of looking back at the classics, Pingipung chose to compile a kaleidoscopic preview of possible future directions for the label. The line-up features playfully melancholic songs by Museum Of No Art, Peter Power or The Notwist, an excursion to the desert by RVDS or a psychedelic take on Dub in Tolouse Low Trax’ remix for the Ainu singer Umeko Ando. Artists such as Anadol, Y Bülbül, MD Pallavi & Andi Otto, M.RUX, Sven Kacirek, Schlammpeitziger, Peter Presto and F.S.Blumm are already well known to the Pingipung audience. They contribute exclusive new tracks, adding to their existing output on the label.

It’s impossible to file this compilation under a genre, which is exactly the case with Pingipung in general - bull’s eye.