Philip Samartzis + Eugene Ughetti
Polar Force
Matte laminate sleeve, insert card and artist book featuring essays and photographs from the Polar Force project
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1Brash Ice 2:12
2Ice Core 1:27
3Casey Station 8:49
4Cosmic Rays 8:17
5Sea Ice 2:51
6Bubbles 6:33
7Metal Fatigue 3:44
8Aurora Australis 9:56
9Frozen Lake 3:14
10Blizzard 13:41

From Eugene Ughetti: As Philip was preparing to leave for his second Australian Antarctic Division residency, he invited me to lunch to discuss the possibility of collaborating on a new work. He recounted his first experience on the ice, where the surrounding landscapes seemed to articulate avant-garde percussion works of an epic scale. On this visit, he wanted his field work to explicitly shape the formation of a new performance work with a particular focus on katabatic winds in and around Casey Base station.

Intrigued, I accepted the challenge provided I could create a live performance utilising the same recorded materials of ice, air and water. We undertook an ambitious collaboration with sound, instrument, lighting and industrial designers, a dramaturg and percussionist.

For Polar Force we built an environment, a white inflatable structure reminiscent of a remote research station on the ice. Emanating from outside the space come the complex and foreboding sounds of the natural environment, inside, a live event akin to scientific research in sound occurs. This hour-long performance installation work gives rise to a hyper-realistic sensing of Antarctica, bursting with natural beauty, power and the audible evidence of human impact.