Creation Rebel
Lows & Highs
Lantern Rec.
Edition of 500 copies, 180g vinyl
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1Independent Man (Pt 1)4:51
2Independent Man (Pt 2)2:47
3Rebel Party 3:57
4A Reasoning 5:05
5No Peace 3:50
6Love I Can Feel 4:42
7Rubber Skirt (Pts. 1/2/3)10:53
8Creation Rebel 4:47
9Creative Involvements 3:08
10Read And Learn 3:19

Officially the latest album released by the british super group, »Lows & Highs« is the triumphant epilogue to these fascinating adventure in rhythm. Featuring vocals from Crucial Tony and Lizard Logan this is probably the most straight ahead reggae album in their whole discography. Producer Adrian Sherwood is in charge behind the desk while Style Scott, Eskimo Fox and Donald Campbell bring all their potential efforts on the drums. Deadly Headley and Dave’ Flash’ Wright are the top horn section here. The album features the bonus track »Read And learn« from 1982 single »Love I Can Feel«. A must have for any english dub worshipper.