It Would Have, But It Wasn't
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1An Implosion, A Smearing; Turns To Dust 20:36
2At a Loss For 20:36

During his 15 year tenure, Tokyo based artist Will Long, aka Celer, has cemented himself as one of modern ambient musicʼs most significant forces.

Celerʼs ability to create expressively poignant tape loops remains near unparalleled, many of which resonate for extended durations without ever truly altering, and yet somehow, they continue to take on new meaning with each heartrending repetition.

Vaagner is beyond humbled to present Celerʼs newest outing ‘It Would Have, But It Wasn'tʼ on our co-label Vaknar. The album itself is composed of two new pieces, each of which ostensibly render time, yielding it to their own will as the pieces unfold; ‘An Implosion, A Smearing; Turns To Dustʼ fills side A with an 20 minute long exhalation of near celestial contours, while ‘At a Loss Forʼ brings us back to earth with an equally timed perpetual exultation on elation and demise.

Once again, Celer manages to demonstrate his prowess as a storyteller of sonic repetitions, leaving us feeling transformed after the final reprise breathes its last resounding gasp.