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Büro CD 004
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1A Spiral Ant 4:02
2Not Dead, Just Sleeping (They Are) 4:32
3The New Red Pt. 1 6:13
4The New Red Pt. 2 6:18
5Silence Means Disease 7:00
6Stone Cold Seconds 5:28
7Ambient Take No. 1 5:16
8Last Folder 8:27

Eventually, Fonoda's second album, sees the band rediscovering their love of vocals. Sticking to the sun-blushed oeuvre which characterised their past output, "Eventually" opens with an opaque plume of chiming guitars and breathy vocals coalesce to form a slow-motion composition that has a shoegaze heart and post-rock head. Scattered throughout with samples and encroaching drones, the album is brimming with creative flourishes (electronic creases here, some modulated percussion there) all of which compliment the whole without attempting to detract from the overall vision. Recalling the early Nineties independent scene, Fonoda are able to incorporate core indie values without seeming as if they are retreading past glories.