Various Artists
Door To The Cosmos
On The Corner
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1Dengue Dengue Dengue - Yodeller 4:40
2The Diabolical Liberties - River Of Sound 2:37
3Uffe - Free House 7:13
4Black Classical - Medassi 7:18
5Clive From Accounts - Moon Buggy 5:13
6MC Palakata & Tom Blip - Singeli Jungle 4:40
7Planet Battagon - Endeavour Tugg Luke 5:52
8Sunken Cages - Mudras (MPeach Remix)3:25

‘Door to the Cosmos’ expresses On the Corner’s adventure; future sounds referencing the source, be it Detroit, UK bass culture, New Orleans or the Niger delta. The title riffs off of the otherworldly, afro-futurist jazzer Sun Ra’s infamous chant ‘dare to knock at the door to the cosmos’. Sun Ra’s sound and narrative bending inspires us to kick at the rules and push at the infinite, the ecstatic and the unknown through music by knock, knock, knocking at the door to the cosmos.

Pete OtC has curated a volume of cuts from present & future label family not just knocking at the door but giving it a kick! It’s club music referencing the source. Opener Dengue Dengue Dengue ‘Yodeller’ is finally on wax having been a rare as hens teeth dubplate The Diabolical Liberties 'River of Sound’ tears through the jungle. Uffe fires out jazzed-up & gnarly house Black Classical is back w/ ‘Medassi’ elixir of deep house On the flip, another fresh-faced recruit, Clive From Accounts' with Moon Buggy’. MC Palakata aka Mosam is a dancer w/ a Singeli flow, from the streets of Dar Es Salaam. The track is set alight w/ Swahili, ‘Singeli Jungles’ is wild Planet Battagon’s ‘droid jazz’ brings a hard-swinging, future thumper to OtC. Tugg Luke Endeavour kicks it to the cosmic dancefloor. ‘Mudras’ from Sunken Cages remixed by MPeach adds ‘Latinx del Futuro', where hi-energy dance meets low-end bass, adding a lilt of the rhythms from her native Venezuela.