Real Dirt
DKA Records
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1Down The Stairs 2:00
2Oil 4:24
3Real Dirt 2:57
4Radiating 2:43
5Be In The Light 4:23
6Your Right Hand 4:29
7Wake Up / Breakfast 5:16
8Dream Your Way 3:38
9AM 2:08

DIN, the project of Los Angeles's JOSIE VAND and GREG VAND, are able to extract choice elements from eras past and distill it into an impressively focused and modern sound. Every sound, every texture, every voice falls perfectly into place, as the palette effortlessly winds from warm and pastoral to cold and sharp, leaving you room to both dance and dream. The Real Dirt LP is infectiously understated from start to finish, and as the follow up to their Saturate EP on Ascetic House it proves that DIN is a serious force in modern synth music. Those familiar with the label may recognize Greg Vand from his role in the great HIGH-FUNCTIONING FLESH, however DIN will likely appeal more to fans of Factory Floor, Tropic of Cancer, and Boy Harsher. Josie Vand has previously performed as a member of DVA DAMAS and contributed her visual art talents to the Jealous God label.