Wouter van Veldhoven
Verzamelen I
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Numbered edition of 150 copies, handprinted silkscreen artwork
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1First Lullaby 4:49
2A Head Stuck in Tapes 6 5:56
3(un)finished contraptions 4 6:14
4Kaspar 6:43
5Third Simple Song (excerpt)2:18
6Second Lullaby 7:59
7A Head Stuck in Tapes 1 7:25
8Four Further Steps in Hanging or Drowning 4:10
9A Head Stuck in Tapes 5 5:29
10(un)finished contraptions 2 5:41
11A Head Stuck in Tapes 1 (Marcus Fischer rework)5:55
12Second Lullaby (r beny rework)4:03

'Verzamelen I' is the first volume in a retrospective series in which we look back at the work of Wouter van Veldhoven. Throughout the past decade, the Dutch composer built an impressive catalogue of music in which tape loop and modular synthesis experiments hold a central place. Both collaborations and solo-work saw the light through some distinctive labels such as Slaapwel, The Tapeworm, Umor Rex and Digitalis among others.

With this series we want to dive into some work which slightly went under the radar. The pieces are collected from several releases and are re-mastered for the occasion. Some of them were never physically released before.

Marcus Fischer and r beny kindly joined this trip by offering two new reworks which close this first volume.

Songs taken from ‘A head stuck in tapes’, ‘Een paar schetjes en optredens 2005-2006’ & ‘Slow lullabies for babies’.